RNDL is deeply rooted in the allure of art, where each creation tells a story and evokes emotions. In much the same way, our fragrances encapsulate moments in time.
EST 2018

JACK RANDALL — Growing up, surrounded by my father's artistic talent, I developed an affinity with creativity. Art, to me, extends beyond just visuals. It's the allure of a fragrance, the structure of architecture, the nuances of design, the craft in food, and the statement of fashion. Encountering these evokes an intense emotional response. In my father's art studio, I would often watch as he worked. The ambiance was always magical, the soft glow of flickering candle flames illuminating the room, the sweet aroma of tobacco smoke mixing with the scents of incense and oil paint, and the comforting, woody fragrance of the easels and picture frames  

MATT BAGNALL — Unique products, how they are designed and packaged, the feeling evoked when opening them and seeing them, smelling them, touching them for the very first time is something that has always intrigued me. I'm immensely proud of the luxury range we have produced, the people we have met and the quality we have achieved. Our pieces are a treat in every sense.