Circus People Artwork Candle

Signals escapism. You’re already in a trance. Big top in the distance. Bright lights, bold colours and the delightful noise of popping corn. The adrenaline begins to build whilst you look at the calmness of the performers. What will they do? Which one will disappear under the illusion of magic? Who breathes fire? The gasps of excitement from your very core. Eyes wide open taking in every single detail. Feeling wonderment as you catch a glimpse behind the curtain. This painting excites you, brings back memories you didn’t realise you had. You’re oh so curious aren’t you? Enticing you to join. Life really is a circus. Roll up! Roll up!

Scent 01 - Rich and smoky deep woody base with Labdanum, Orris, Frankincense, Patchouli, Lavender and Thyme.