Dinner Party Artwork Candle

The epitome of elegance. Taking you back to an era infused with glamour and sophistication. Lavish dress, styled to perfection and feeling incredible, all situated in familiar surroundings. The faint noise of others at the end of the room enjoying intimate moments with laughter resonating. This painting depicts the joy of dining with friends and loved ones in an environment that sparks happiness, edge-of-your-seat stories and lashings of fabulous food and wine. Whilst you look at the painting, transport yourself to a place of extravagance; a place that is so inviting. A union of familiar faces, expressions and scents that evoke the feeling of knowing this is where you are meant to be at that very moment. All the attention is on you so take this opportunity to indulge your imagination and accept this invitation to party.

Scent 01 - Rich and smokey deep woody base with Labdanum, Orris, Frankincense, Patchouli, Lavender and Thyme.