London Nights Black Candle

London lights up the night. Street lights illuminating the sky, glimpses of light reflecting off the imposing buildings. This painting delivers energy, glow and a heart-warming feeling you get from looking at its skyline, the view lets your imagination wander towards the happenings on the ground. Maybe it's the parties spilling out onto the street, the inviting noise of laughter and excitement. Maybe it's balmy walks along the many fascinating routes, passing strangers. London at night will always remain with you. Its urban beauty inspires and entices you, begging you to explore. Look deep into the brush strokes. This city never sleeps and expects you to keep up, hoping you keep its most intimate secrets.

London Nights Fragrance features a rich blend of Amber, Smoky Birch, and Iris Root, creating a deep and woody base. This is complemented by Frankincense, Patchouli, Labdanum and Musk, adding a layer of complexity. The fragrance is rounded off with hints of Lavender and Thyme, providing a touch of sweetness and warmth.